Stop by some time

A kitchen needs to be inviting, to make you want to spend time there not just when passing through for a snack. I can just imagine welcoming friends in to my home and sitting here over a cup of coffee


On the wall

Kuro – Shelf crate 1 and 2 by Luana Dawg for The Home Show!

{what next} Laurel Cottage Kitchen Chalkboard by Winter Thorn

Lark – Vino Lover by Sienia Trevellion

floorplan. tea towel ladder by Tegan Serin

Table and Chairs: The Loft – Arley Chairs and Table (Rare) by Colleen Desmoulins for the past round of the Arcade

Bottles Crate from KURO by Luana Dawg for the Home Show


on the table:

-tb- Kitchen Basics – Coffee Pot by Julliette Westerburg for past Arcade

The Secret Store – Wild Flowers – Oxeye Daisy by Maylee Oh

Kuro – Cafe center piece by Luana Dawg for the Home Show

Kuro – Wild mugs by Luana Dawg from past The Challenge

Kuro – Candy plates by Luana Dawg

The Loft – Arley Plates and Forks by Colleen Desmoulins for the past round of the Arcade

Lark – Honey by  Sienia Trevellion for past round of The Arcade

The house,Tarrytown House is by Lindini2 Lane


Sage Advice

Find all the sage colored things and buy them up. I love this color, omgosh, it works for spring and fall and goes with my hair! 


Skin: Essences – Emma *peche* ginger by Inka Mexicola

Hair: Clawtooth: Hang it up – Peeled Carrots by Bubbles Clawtooth (this round of collabor88)

Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Tundra by Ikon Innovia

Earrings: MG – Earrings – The Moon And Stars For You by Maxi Gossamer

Shirt: *BOOM* Good Weather Halter (S) Sage by Aranel Ah (this round of collabor88)

Shorts: Blueberry Robin *Mesh* Side Tied Shorts by blueberryxx

Shoes: fri. – Ella.Heels (Sage) by Darling Monday (this round of collabor88)




Sometimes you match your shoes to your pants…sometimes you match your pants to your shoes. I love this new style from for the Cutie Moon Fair and the colors are so bright and happy. When I saw the new release from Mon Tissue included these fun and flowery pants, I knew they had to be together. Enjoy!

Bike, basket, flowers: Lark – Bike (F) RARE Farmers Market – Arcade 03.01.14 By Sienia Trevellion

{mon tissu} Bloomsbury Trousers (S) ~ Arboretum by Elie Spot

fri. – Venus.Heels (Yellow) by Darling Monday

In the morning when I wake
And the sun is coming through,
Oh, you fill my lungs with sweetness,
And you fill my head with you.

Meet Virgina



She never compromises, loves babies and surprises
Wears hi-heels when she exercises
Ain’t that beautiful
Meet Virginia

I put this look together and then got the late arrivals to Collabor88 from and thought, Well these are too cute to not just make it work with this. SO this is it 🙂

Hair: (r)M Hair No.13’13 ~ o8.1-Fantasy by Moni Schulze

Skin: Essences – Emma *peche* blonde by Inka Mexicola

Tattoo: Speakeasy :: Into_The Void. Tattoo Really Faded by JamesEdwardQ

Brows: Soiree – Kat Brows #Sea Glass by Julep Mixemup (btw i’ve never seen that last name before her and Im jealous of it)

Shirt: /// offbeat /// Daily Tee Shirt 1 by bonnietriendle out now at the Kustom9 new location

Shorts: *Shai* Boyfriend Shorts by Shai Delacroix

Heels: fri. – Diana.Heels (Teal) by Darling Monday

Weight Bench: Pilot & Exposeur – Weight Bench by Kaz Nayar

Bracelet: =Zenith= Love Heart leather Bracelet(L)- Color Mix 1 by Miffyhoi Rosca

Ring: (Yummy) Candy Bar Ring by Polyester Partridge for this round of collabor88

Cheer Up Sleepy Jean


Chair: Kuro – Spring chair by Luana Dawg for the Theme Park! 

Table: Spring Crate by Luana Dawg for the Theme Park!

Flower and saucer: Spring Flower by Luana Dawg for the Theme Park!

Radio: -tres blah- Spring Living – Radio (Beige) by Julliette Westerburg for this round of The Arcade

Big Chair: Culprit Old Country Wingback Stripes by eku Zhong

Pillow: -tres blah- Spring Living – Pillow (Bee) by Julliette Westerburg for this round of The Arcade

Signs: MudHoney Sleepy Jean Sign/Sunshine Sign by Ravyn Hynes for past round of The Arcade

Ottoman: MudHoney Leslie Pouf – Trellis by Ravyn Hynes for the last Friday’s Fifty Linden Friday

Big Heart: 7 – Heart Painted Door by Agustkov

Wire Hearts: A.D.D.Andel! Hanging Wire Hearts-Green/Yellow by Andel Rhiadra for last Friday’s Fifty Linden Friday

Bowl of Flowers: The Loft – Bacall Bowl of Roses Coral by Nardya Rousselot for Collabor88


On me

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Maisy by Truth Hawks NEW!

Skin: Essences – Emma *peche* ginger by Inka Mexicola

Shirt: *BOOM* Twenty-Three Tee by Aranel Ah for the Dressing Room

Shorts: Ricielli – (S) Jeans Minishorts /floral by Fhara Acacia  for the Dressing Room

Shoes: Maggie Heels from by Darling Monday

I can feel a hot one coming on


The Fantasy Collective themed Arabian Nights opens the 20th! 

Im in love with the colors used this round. The theme leaves me feeling exotic 😀

Skin: Essences – Emma *peche* ginger by Inka Mexicola

Hair: !lamb. Xtal (Mesh) – Rotten Carrot by Lamb Bellic for this round of Collabor88

Dress: Peqe – Arabian by Inex Hax for The Fantasy Collective!

Head piece: ~The Library~ Desert Rose Headdress-Copper by DreamFantasia Nightfire for The Fantasy Collective

Bracelet: On A Lark Mecca Hand Coins by Discovering Destiny for The Fantasy Collective!

Shoes: *~*HopScotch*~* Almera – Red by Chandni Khondji for The Fantasy Collective!

Something’s in the Air


Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Rosalina by Catwa Clip

Skin: Essences Emma Peche by Inka Mexicola

Makeup: #adored – metallic liner – light pink by Constance Daehlie and (Ag) Bitten lipstain- Big Apple Red by Amiee Galicia

Headband: Remarkable Oblivion Lovestruck group gift by  axsisthorn Resident

Lingerie: (Ooh LaLa!) Funky Hearts by Nylon Pinkney 

Tank: *X*plosion T-Tank TransHearts  by Sabanco

Shoes – Maggie.Heels (Lipstick, new color) By Darling Monday (get to her 50% off sale!)

Light: Kuro – Loving neon by Luana Dawg

Letters: Alouette – Cupid’s Arrow – VIP Group Gift by Scarlet Chandrayaan

Hamster: .Birdy. Love Hamster {Valentines} VIP gift by Nina Helix

Bracelet: =Zenith= Love Heart leather Bracelet by Miffyhoi Rosca

Nails: Melody from Wicked Peach by Autumn Amaranth 

I hope you all get out there and pick up these awesome valentine inspired fashion and gifts! The creators did a great job with them! 


Love Struck

I’ve been hit! SOMEONE HALP!


Hair: Saki from ARGRACE by Rika Oyen

Skin: Essences – Emma *peche* ginger by Inka Mexicola

Shoes: Jet.Set from by Darling Monday, out now at Collabor88

Bracelet: =Zenith= Love Heart leather Bracelet(L)- Color Mix 1 by Miffyhoi Rosca

lingerie: Fishy Stawberry Lingerie – Incanto  Red by Fae Eriksen

Linner: #adored – metallic liner by Constance Daehlie

Lipstain: (Ag) Bitten lipstain- Big Apple Red by Amiee Galicia

Pose by me and retired

Stupid Cupid, you missed


Valentines day produces some strong emotions. The good, the bad, the ugly. I’ve found some adorable valentine inspired things,but nothing too sappy, I hope you enjoy them 🙂

Hair: Exile::Perfect Promise by Kavar Cleanslate

Skin: Essences – Emma *peche* ginger by Inka Mexicola

Shirt: !gO! Tank Top by Gocha Merlin

Undies: Kari Boy Shorts from R3volt by gensa.jameson

Desk: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Working Desk by Paco Pooley

Hand Cart: 7 – Handtruck (Animated) by Augustkov

Books on hand Cart: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Stack of Books by Paco Pooley

House: llorisen // ciaran skybox by Elsa Wellesley


junk. pulley light by Tab Tatham

floorplan. birdcage bookends by Tegan Serin

Lark – Imaginarium Librarium Treasures by Sienia Trevellion

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Wooden Model Plane by Paco Pooley

Voodoo Valentine – Pin You Down by Arduenn Schwartzman

Culprit Stuffed Salmonella by Eku Zhong

!Ohmai : Beary Lurvin by Anya Ohmai for the Mingle Event!

+Half-Deer+ Juliet Hedgehog by Halogen Magic for the Mingle Event


Apple Fall Books by Warehousefifteendesigns
Apple Fall Unknown Specimen by warehouse fifteen Designs
*Second Spaces* poker set RARE (former arcade gatcha item, now in store gatcha) by Elle Kirshner

[Commoner] Pallet Wall Art / “Perfect for One Another” by Emery Milneaux for the Mingle Event


Pizza’s Kissyphants by Octagons Yazimoto for the Mingle Event!
PILOT – Murrow Table DEUX [Tray] by Kaz Nayar


Voodoo Valentine – Wheel Of Love by Arduenn Schwartzman

PILOT & JIM – Sketchbook by Kaz Nayar and Celeste Forwzy

PILOT – Homework by Kaz Nayar

{vespertine}-artistic tray and paint brushes by Amelie Knelstrom

{vespertine-geekbook/lagoon} by Amelie Knelstrom


floorplan. notebook clutter by Tegan Serin for the Mingle Event!

PILOT – Murrow Table DEUX [Newspaper/Mail] by Kaz Nayar


Scarlet Creative Someone to Love Fan Decor by Charlotte Bartlett (available at the store in the Mingle Event)

fri. – Maggie.Heels (Tiffany) by Darling Monday (these are for the SLINK HIGH feet, and are a must)


Voodoo Valentine – Burning Love and Losing Your Head  by Arduenn Schwartzman

floorplan. the optometrist’s locker by Tegan Serin

PILOT – Rolled Paper Rack by Kaz Nayar

Now some extra info on the Voodoo Valentines. Ardy says this link will get you to the tell-tale heart event to get your own voodoo dolls.  They are fun…and interactive. They can be poked with pins until they explode, set on fire, stabbed with knives, and that’s a fulling working guile-ten and the head does fall off. It’s the best Valentine I’ve ever had.